Staff Member: Mr. Frank Macari

Staff Member: Mr. Frank Macari

Mr. Frank Macari

Director of Religious Education
Phone: 203-367-1108
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Frank Macari has been the Director of Religious Education since January of 1984.
The purpose of the Religious Education program, here at Assumption, is to give form to the religious witness of the family, by providing formal religious experiences that will help to strengthen the positive religious values lived in the home. The Church, speaking through the documents of Vatican II, reminds parents of the serious duty that is theirs, that of providing their children with opportunities that will encourage their growth as Christians commensurate with their growth as citizens of the world.

Since the parental role is paramount in bringing youth to Christ, we encourage parents to become involved and share in the religious education experiences of their children.

Our Religious Education Program is a life-centered catechetical approach, drawn from the scriptures, teaching the doctrines of the Catholic faith and providing opportunities for prayer and service to others. Our Catechists draw from life experiences and bring these common experiences to a deeper level of understanding.

To be involved in Religious Education is to be involved with life – to be involved with life is to be involved with God.