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Transcript of Phase One Instructions for Parish Public Worship

Transcript of Phase One Instructions for Parish Public Worship

Good Morning everyone…I am pleased to announce that following the directives of both the state of CT and our Diocese we have implemented what is being referred to as Phase One of resuming public worship though in a limited capacity.

The Parish is taking precautions per the CDC and Governor Lamont’s recommendations regarding public gatherings as well as our own precautions we feel are prudent under the circumstances.  We look forward to welcoming you and your family back to Mass, but please understand there are risks involved in attending a public worship in a pandemic despite all of the precautions taken by the Parish and the diocese.

We ask your cooperation and patience with all of the directives that have been put in place for your safety and the safety of our clergy and fellow worshipers.

Beginning this Ascension Thursday…we will be holding outdoor Masses at Noon and 530pm. Those who will be in attendance will be asked to remain in their cars until Communion time.  This will allow the maximum amount of people to attend Mass as opposed to allowing seating outside which will limit that number.  Again to be clear, those attending Mass must remain in a vehicle.  Walking to Mass from home and attending is not permitted…one must be in a car.

In formulating this phase one…priority number one is to ensure the safety of all involved…those attending and those serving.  With this in mind…it is absolutely essential that as we…we make this adjustment and implement this initial phase…we exercise a considerable amount of patience…this is an evolving process that will take getting used to and will require continued sacrifice on the part of the Faithful. 

Discourtesy, unkindness and insisting on one’s own way and one’s own needs is simply not the Christian way in any circumstance but more so during these very challenging times.  Therefore, please exercise a greater degree of kindness and deference and hospitality with and to each other.

The Bishop has left in place the suspension of the obligation to attend Mass until further notice…so that although Masses will resume…do the limited nature of the gatherings and the fact that people are just not as yet comfortable gathering in a public venue…the obligation remains suspended. 

However, Mass will continue to be live streamed each day and of course during the weekend.  God’s grace is not limited to the sacraments therefore to tune in to Mass, has with it, many empowering graces as well…so please stay connected to Christ…to the Parish especially by way of live streaming and social media and word of mouth.

For those who would like to attend…an on line reservation system is in place for Registered Parishioners which will be accessible via our email blast provider called Flocknotes.  If you are a registered Parishioner and have not been receiving updates and updated information through Flocknotes please contact the Parish with an accessible email that we can then insert into our data-base.

One of the reasons it is necessary to have a reservation system in addition to there being limited spots in the parking lot…is for tracking purposes…in case someone contracts the illness who may have been in attendance and others could be made aware of this for safety precautions sake.

The parking lot configuration will be set up by way of cones and personnel in place to assist people in arriving and leaving.  Given social distancing protocol this means there will only be 50 available spots during each Mass.   As you enter the Parking lot you will be led into every other parking space with cones in between.  And to ensure there is limited interaction between Masses…the Weekend Mass Schedule will be temporarily adjusted as follows…and will be subject to change.

Saturday Vigil Masses 300 and 500pm

Sunday 800am 1000am and Noon

Please arrive not earlier than 15 to 20 minutes before Mass and to leave promptly at the conclusion of Mass to ensure the lot is quickly cleared in preparation for the next Mass.

Distribution of Holy Communion: Rather than have a Communion Line…The Priest and/or Deacon will come to each car…beginning with the first row…as the Priest comes to a car…the occupants will get out and with Face Masks on receive Holy Communion in the hand…as the Priest moves on the next car…those who have received will pull down their mask and consume the Eucharist…No one is to approach the Altar for any reason.

Those who are unable to get out of their car…please indicate that during Communion time by putting your flashers/hazards on…

For offertory purposes …what Fr Flynn affectionately refers to as ARO…ARO…Assumption Replenishment Offertory…there will be set up on either side of cars entering and exiting buckets to place your greatly appreciated and needed offerings in.

During this phase one the use of public facilities on campus will remain closed.

Once again priority number one is safety and protection as well as a superabundance of Christian patience, kindness and courtesy….which here at Assumption I happily know is as natural as breathing.  I am so grateful not only for your cooperation but continued support and remaining connected to Christ, this Parish and each other.  It is slow going to be sure…but as the saying goes…we are all in this together as a family should be…supporting each other, loving each other and praying for each other.


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