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Queenship of Mary

Aug 22, 2019

“And people will come from the east and the west and from the north and the south and will recline at table in the kingdom of God.” Anyone who has ever had a bedtime story read to them, when they hear the word “kingdom” immediately imagines kings and queens, princes and princesses, brave knights, ferocious dragons and wicked traitors. But the Kingdom of God that Christ constantly refers to in the Gospels is no fairy-tale, in fact it is more real than the earth we stand upon. Today, I would like to focus on one aspect of that Kingdom…for where there is a King there is also a Queen. 

It is the final mystery of the Holy Rosary: Mary is crowned as Queen of Heaven and earth, the great climax of Christ’s conquest over sin and death. We have also seen the countless depictions of the Annunciation scenes, where the Archangel Gabriel is sent by the Trinity and appears to Our Lady, and in complete submission bows to a creature so obviously less in strength and stature than himself. Yet we find this angel bowing to his queen: she who is chosen for all time to be the mother of God…the mother of the Savior…the mother of the King of Kings…therefore, His and our Queen. 

What awesome generosity on the part of Our Lord, to make a lowly creature, a poor and simple teenage Jewish girl, His own mother; the Creator being born man from a creature. But before there can be “a they and we lived happily ever after”, there has to be the unavoidable confrontations with evil, sorrow, failure and death.  For the road to everlasting joy is paved with the blood, sweat and tears of genuine discipleship.

God is a God of order, unity and complementarity. The Holy Trinity is the model for all existence, for the three persons sharing one and the same Divine Nature are perfect unity and order and this unity and order is generously poured out into Creation, most especially into God’s masterpiece of that Creation: Adam and Eve. As the three persons of the Blessed Trinity together are God, so Adam and Eve, man and woman together are humanity filled to overflowing with the love of God.  But because love must be freely chosen to be truly love, Adam and Eve betrayed this Love of God and therefore introduced sin and death into the world, disrupting the balance of nature but most especially the harmony and order of human nature.  The King and Queen of Eden, of the Kingdom of God here on earth had reduced themselves to subjects of the devil.

But rather than leave Adam and Eve and the rest of fallen humanity to any permanent condemnation and sorrow…God the Father sent into the world the King of Kings to reclaim and restore the Kingdom forfeited by Adam and Eve to Satan: Jesus Christ, the New Adam. However, as we read in that same book of Genesis it is not good for man to be alone, nor is it wise for him to rule alone.  As we need two eyes to see clearly…we need the union of man and woman to love and live and join forces to eradicate evil and cultivate goodness and purity.  And as man it is not good for this man, Jesus Christ to be alone either: and He was not, for He was born of a woman, the woman, the New Eve, the Blessed Virgin Mary.  The King of Kings had at last His Queen in which He traveled the entire distance of eternity to crown.

And the Kingdom that Our Lord and Lady inherited? Their castle was a grossly smelling stable. Their servants: oxen, mules and sheep…for royal linen…rags that barely covered the shivering king’s infant body…a king who chose to earn his own living as a carpenter, placing himself under the strictest filial obedience and respect to Saint Joseph…a king who allowed His own subjects to Crown Him with thorns and nail Him to the throne of the Cross.  The life of our Lord was the preparation of our Lady’s Queenship…if the lance of the Roman soldier pierced the heart of our dead King, it was so that a sword of sorrow would pierce as well the soul of our living Queen. 

Mary is like the light of the full moon which is only illuminated by the more intense light of the Sun, and that light and Sun is her son Jesus Christ. Are we then the peasants of this glorious Kingdom of Heaven?  Who the heck are we in comparison to Our Lady and least of all Our Lord? But are we not all men and women? Have we not been baptized into the life, love and person of Jesus Christ? Are we not then through this same baptism sons and daughters of God the Father and therefore as sons and daughters, brothers and sisters of Jesus Christ entitled to the same inheritance of ruling the Kingdom along-side Him? Absolutely!

Our dignity, the infinite value of our heritage lies in the example and life of Our Lord and Lady…either we rule with them in the combat against evil and impurity or we are ruled by that same evil and impurity that it is our destiny to resist and fight with all our heart, mind, soul and body. If we want to rule with Jesus and Mary in Heaven…then we must rule with them in the pains and poverties and sorrows of this passing earth…it is the price of eternal joy.  And then we will truly all live happily ever after.



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