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Looks Who's Talking

Dec 6, 2017

"Oh that you would rend the Heavens and come down with the mountains quaking before you while you wrought awesome deeds."

Back in 1989 a rather entertaining movie came out called Look who’s Talking. During the opening credits we are given a fascinating though funny look from inside the mother’s womb of the great miracle of conception.  What then makes the movie truly unique from a character perspective is that the movie is seen and heard through the point of view of the child growing in that womb whose name will be Mikey.

The audience is able to hear all of Mikey’s thoughts regarding being born and growing up in a world drastically different from the dark and rather aquatic world he had come from. When Mikey begins his journey at last from that womb into the light of day, like a roller coaster flying full speed along the tracks…his first reaction is “put me  back, put me back” and as most babies begins to cry up a storm.

Certainly not your traditional Advent movie but nevertheless there is a close correlation between the creation and experience of Mikey’s Character and the newly conceived Christ in the womb of Mary. Israel is desperate for a Messiah.  Nothing is more self, family and extended community and country destroying than sin. 

The tension, the animosity, the fear and unsettling lack of peace that sin leaves in its wake of destruction is terribly unnerving. And to answer that prayer and our own prayers for peace, health and harmony God does rend those Heavens and come down, but not in a mountain quaking kind of way, nothing so loud and dramatic as that and yet no less awesome in the way He decides to do so…as once all of us did, in the still quiet of being conceived as the tiniest of lives in the darkness of a woman’s womb.

And as this child, the one Isaiah describes as prince of peace, God-hero wonder counselor, Emmanuel God is with us, begins to grow how true it is those words we heard today: No ear has ever heard, no eye ever seen any God but you.

At the conclusion of our lives, once judgment has been passed upon us…we will receive what is truly the ultimate destiny, point purpose and meaning of all our lives: The Beatific Vision or beautiful vision of God. And we will literally be able to see Him, as we are able to receive His body and blood in the Holy Eucharist because once like us with our moms Jesus grew in the womb of Mary…having shaped for Him a human body just like our own, with a mind, spirit and soul just like our own minus the capacity to commit sin.

Let us see your face and we shall be saved…that beautiful face that we will be able to see in joy forever is given to us by the Blessed Virgin Mary. And not just that wonderful face but His entire body and all his human features Jesus takes from one source of humanity and that is Mary. 

We are able to receive Jesus in Holy Communion, hear His voice in the proclamation of the Holy Gospel and see Him as clearly as we see each other in this Church, because during that first Advent, He grew ever so quietly in the womb of Mary. And like Mikey, except not in Hollywood fashion…Jesus had full awareness of who He was, where He had come from and where He was in the womb. 

For Jesus was possessed of the Beatific Vision as well…having always before Him the vision of His Father, remaining as He first and foremost and always was…God.

God is in the womb of Mary and He continues to have God thoughts and those thoughts are of us and how much He loves us. Whether in the eternity He rended and burst forth from, the womb of Mary, growing up in Nazareth, working in the Carpenter’s shop,  dying upon the cross or laying in the tomb…Jesus knew us intimately by face and name…and was seeing us and loving us the whole journey through this life back home to Heaven.

Look who’s talking, look who’s crying, who’s shivering, who’s hungry, who needs his diaper changed, who needs a roof over his head…it is Emmanuel…God with us…whose face and entire little infant body is hidden in the womb of Mary.

And interesting it is that the town where He would be born Bethlehem means House of Bread. More than any town or any cave, inn or King’s palace…there is no more significant, more palatial and more beautiful House…than Mary…the true Bethlehem…

For from her body, she is forming for us the Bread of Life who we receive in Holy Communion so that like Mary we may be Houses…Homes of Bread for the Bread of Life so that with Mary, like she had done visiting her pregnant cousin Elizabeth, we may take the hidden Christ, Mary-like within us, to the whole world.

And though the fullness of His presence may be hidden within us…the radiating power of His love need not be…His face need not be since we are created in His image and likeness…and that look upon his face that we image in our own must be one of inviting tenderness, compassion, kindness and yes even joy.

We are told today by Jesus to watch since we do not know when the Lord of the House is coming. But if we remain faithful…especially by way of attending Church…we know exactly when the Lord of the House is coming and who that house or rather that home is…it is us…who receive the Lord of Life and Love into our bodies that He might than fill our hearts and souls with peace, strength and healing. 

We all crave peace and security…we want the confidence that all we have and all we love are safe and that no harm or danger will ever come to them.

Never has there been a more safe and secure place for us than the womb of our mothers. In a state of utter dependence, all life and nourishment is provided for us.  No wonder one of the more insightful quotes from Look who’s talking is:

You spend the first nine months trying to get out and the rest of your life trying to get back in. This world and the evil and suffering in it, no doubt leaves more than just the mountains quaking…it leaves us trembling especially for the children so many of you are making every effort to raise in this world and keep safe.

But the reality is as with the infant Christ, we must strike out into the light of day and often the darkness of the day…and bring the love and presence of Christ into it. But we need to have that presence within us…not abort it by our refusal to practice our faith and attend Church.  As with Mary, during Mass the Holy Spirit will make present Jesus Christ for us but more so within us… and that presence and that life will continue to grow as we nourish this life by way of our faith and daily prayers. 

 And with so powerful a presence of love within us, the most powerful in fact…what the world is most waiting for…the saving love of a Savior will be given to it…from our hearts, our hands, our souls our entire bodies. More than a town on a map, we are Bethlehem…and the Lord of the House…the Bread of Life dwells within us…with Mary and with joy let us give Him to all who are in our life and we encounter each day.



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