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House Blessing Invitation

Jan 8, 2020

Home invasion is both a terrifying thought and reality; although I am not talking about the flesh and blood kind. I am speaking of one more sinister, dangerous and harmful to one’s home and family: When malignant spirits/demons/fallen angels prowl about, as Scripture warns us, like roaring lions looking for someone to devour. DO NOT give them the opportunity nor satisfaction of doing so.

With our Faith we have been armed to the teeth and to the soul with any number of Spiritual Weapons. Having Christ and His Church, we have the power and the victory so should not hesitate to mount a massive offensive against evil with the many blessing weapons provided for us like House Blessings.

As we begin this New Year, why not begin it in the best possible way: providing yourself, your family, your home, those who visit with an empowering and protective House Blessing. Please call the Our Lady of the Assumption Rectory to make an appointment.


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