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Fatima, The Rosary and The Eucharist

Oct 13, 2019

During this Mary Month of Respect Life, we are reminded that Motherhood is the greatest gift. Whether one is a mom or not a woman’s nature is life-giving.  And as today’s 102 year Anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima reminds us, there is no greater woman, no greater mother than the Blessed Virgin Mary.

When we say Mary is Mother we mean that she is supremely life-giving.   Therefore, wherever she is, whatever she touches is awakened to life.  She is so filled with life herself that she cannot but overflow onto all who come within her orbit and the life she radiates is always the life of Jesus Christ.

And so 102 years ago today, Mother Mary appeared to three Portuguese children as a concerned mom with an urgent message for our times. And the primary means by which we can respond to this Call to Arms is by praying the Holy Rosary every day…and Mass every Sunday.

When those Rosary beads touch our fingers it is like that image when Michael Angelo painted the center panel of the Sistine Chapel of Adam touching the finger tip of God with his own so that from God and through Adam Divine Life pulsed through his soul endowing it and his body with everlasting life and the power to receive and give love.

In a similar way, when our fingers pass through each bead in reciting the Rosary we are touching finger tips with Mary, holding hands with Mary so that the Divine and Incarnate life and love of Jesus Christ can then flow through our souls and bodies into the world.

Mary is referred to as the Fullness of Grace, the fullness of God…and therefore she remains ever an inexhaustible source of life and love we can draw from. For it is from Mary’s own body that we receive the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ to receive and consume in the Holy Eucharist…providing strength and healing for our bodies as well as for our souls.

Each strand of Rosary beads is like a wire that runs connected from us and those we pray for to Mary. And the electricity that flows from her into us, our homes, our towns, our families, our country, our entire world are those countless graces of God’s love and empowering blessings.

Jesus assures us: “in My Father’s House there are many dwelling places”…but in order for those dwelling places to be lived in ready…they have to be prepared and built. And the most effective building materials that we have in hand are prayer…especially when holding in our hand the Eucharist for Consumption and The Rosary for reciting. 

We build our Heaven here on earth. As we hear from the Book of Revelation: “I John saw a new Heaven and a New Earth.”  Sin perverts, corrupts, contaminates and destroys like a spreading cancer.  Grace through prayer restores, renews or as the Great Historical Event of Easter reminds us…it resurrects…not for a little time but now an everlasting time.  But we must roll up our sleeves and respond to Our Lady’s call at Fatima.

When Our Lady appeared to the Children it was during World War One where a staggering 37 million people died. Our Lady insisted that people pray the Rosary for peace…and if the world did not heed her Maternal supplications a worse world war would break out and Russia would spread the errors of her ways. 

And how horrifically sad, that falling on so many deaf ears, a more devastating War did occur…where the death rate exceeded World War One by more than 20 million more deaths.

Then following that war, Russia would wage a war against humanity, especially Christianity, by wielding the weapon of Communism. The estimated deaths that continue to occur under this ideology exceed the totals of both World Wars combined. 

Though to be sure, through prayer, Russian Communism fell without a single shot being fired. It is incredible with such high stakes and high drama in the balance, that Our Lady would choose children to which to entrust this mission of saving the world.  The point being, that if three small children could have such a tremendous impact on human history imagine what scores of more children praying can accomplish. 

But in order for children to pray, they must be encouraged and taught by their parents to do so. With the number of sacramental marriages, baptisms, and church attendance plummeting…there is a deafening silence from the Earth where fewer and fewer prayers are being recited especially by families.

Which begs the question…if things did not improve after World War One which led to the onslaught of World War II…has the world improved in goodness, compassion and peace since 1945?

With fewer families practicing the faith…there remains fewer people on the battlefield…and with fewer soldiers, we run the risk like the Israelites of old of being a conquered, enslaved, defeated, dispersed and eventually destroyed people.

As the Fatima prayer to be recited after each decade of the Rosary insists: “Oh my Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of hell and lead all souls to Heaven especially those in most need of your mercy. Save us from the Fires of Hell.”

So onward Christian soldiers as we wield the ultimate weapons of Mass destruction…Mass as in the Holy Eucharist and The Blessed Virgin Mary who gives to us the Bread of Life and the Holy Rosary.


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