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Oct 1, 2018

Dear Parishioners:

It is always an honor and a privilege to express only the absolute highest praise and thanksgiving for people who go way above and beyond to bring so much joy and fun into so many people's lives. This year's SeptemberFest looks as though it was OUR greatest success ever. If there is one statement, actually made by quite a few people, that captures the Spirit of SeptemberFest, especially of 2018 it is the following: “Father, I love this Carnival, the people are all so gracious, friendly and kind.” “Father, I love seeing families having such a great time and everyone working so hard to make sure that’s the case.”  During a time where there seems to be a relentless pounding of bad news, I cannot imagine a better remedy to improve the condition of the soul than a good Carnival: yes great food, great rides, great drinks, great bingo…but most of all this is about GREAT PEOPLE!

My prayer, our collective prayer is that this momentum of joy, kindness, generosity, service and faith will continue the whole year long as we continue to dig in our heels against all the pain and misery in the world, in our Church and in too many individual lives. One of the weapons we most effectively wield and the one that sends the devil and his filthy minions into a cowering and fleeing rage is joy.  Not so much a feeling as it is a condition and choice we make when in loving Jesus Christ we more effectively love and serve each other and the Church, and not only bring the Church healing but renewed strength in each of her members and families especially here at Assumption.

One of the great highlights is that despite two very very long exhausting sweat it out days, the Volunteers ask and are excited about the Volunteer Mass held at 1130pm…at THEIR request mind you. Gathering in that Church, so late, having done so much you think they would be dragging their feet…nope!  They are as giddy as a bunch of kids who just got off their favorite ride with Cotton Candy and a Hot Dog waiting for them.  The enthusiasm, excitement and joy at that hour, after having done so much…incredible…that is Spirit…the Holy Happy kind.

During the Mass I commended everyone because this was a Carnival not to raise money for Police or Fire Departments or any number of worthy causes there may be…this was for the Church. And how they get that more than a building needing repairs…it is the Body of Christ in need of healing…in need of joy.  Again, with all the bad, disturbing news and press coming out of the Church, the resolve, enthusiasm and hard work of our volunteers sent a message loud and clear to all and loudest and clearest to Hell, that their Faith in Christ, Church and each other will not slacken, be deflated, if anything that awesome FAITH will be stronger, better and brighter than ever.

Thank you is such an understatement. The word Eucharist means to give thanks or thanksgiving…my thank you to all of you is Eucharistic…the absolute greatest expression of gratitude there is to an absolute A plus group of Hall of Fame Volunteers!!

On behalf of the entire Parish and the very many people who attended the Fest, and in that same spirit of Eucharist which means "Thanksgiving", thank you to the max to the following SeptemberFest Heroes:

_ Event Chairs - Jeremy Redgate and Dan Ford

_ Food & Supplies - Miriam Cass, Mike DeMato and Diane Kane

_ White Elephant - Fran and Dale Lichtenberg

_ Volunteer Coordinators - Jennifer Cullinan, Deirdre Sikora and Carlotta Elliott

_ Kitchen - Michael Kane, Michael DeFilippo, Jim Guzzi, and Carl Melisi

_ Main Food - Laura and Marc Kavulich

_ Pizza Fritta & Fried Oreos – Bob and Barbara Karosy, Jeff and Donna Pond

_ Grinders & Ziti - Kathy Melisi, Bob Sherwood, Irene, Josh and Sal Orosz

_ Beer & Wine - Kevin Cullinan and Matthew Colangelo

_ Ice Cream - Ginny Bentley, Noreen Cronin, and Kristen Schopps

_ Soda – Matthew Dorney

_ Bingo - Mary Garbe and Reini Knorr

_ Parish Raffle - Meri Glifort

_ 50/50 - Donan Meyer

_ Set Up & Break Down / Electrical - Bob Palumbo, Duke Sherwood, Matt Tomis, Dermott Mahoney, and Brian McCorry

_ Detritus Clean Up - Kevin Walsh

_ Security/Sponsorship - Greg Matera

_ Ticket Sales - Lou and Pat Bleggi, Dick and Janet Halpin, Shannon Halpin, and Nick Mucherino

_ Finance - Dale Lichtenberg

_ Public Relations - Jennifer Ventresca



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