May 2018 archive of Pastor's Corner

May 2018 archive of Pastor's Corner

Orphan Annie and the Trinity

Posted by Fr Peter Cipriani on 5/29/18

The other day, I happened to be watching the remake version of Little Orphan Annie. Who of us are not familiar with this rags to riches story?  Truth is, this is very much our story.

Can we even begin to imagine what it must feel like to be without ... Read More »

Mary Mother of the Church Feast

Posted by Fr Peter Cipriani on 5/21/18

The other day my Niece had a fitting for her Bridal Dress. Standing before that mirror, she was a radiant image of Angelic beauty, as she contemplated the significance of this moment which anticipates that day when she will receive the fullness of her bridegroom’s love.  And not just ... Read More »

Celebrating Athletics Mass

Posted by Fr Peter Cipriani on 5/09/18

I cannot imagine any greater metaphor for life and faith than sports…and not just a metaphor, playing team sports not only allows you an opportunity to improve as an athlete but develop skills that are necessary to be a heroically self-sacrificing person on and off the field…which is precisely ... Read More »

Deliver Us From Evil

Posted by Fr Peter Cipriani on 5/02/18

Read any newspaper or enter into any conversation with someone, there seems like a litany of never ending hardships to discuss and confront in life, and this for some time. Events in Toronto tragically once more reminded us of the fragility of life and how we too easily take ... Read More »


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