March 2018 archive of Pastor's Corner

March 2018 archive of Pastor's Corner

Culinary and Eucharistic Joy

Posted by Fr Peter Cipriani on 3/30/18

The day after Passion Sunday I met with a family whose loved one passed way. The primary focus was on what an exceptionally generous woman she was…and nowhere was this more appreciated then when she prepared the weekly family meal…which took place…on  Thursday.

And what made this conversation even ... Read More »

Prince Pauper Passion

Posted by Fr Peter Cipriani on 3/27/18

In 1881 Mark Twain wrote a novel entitled, The Prince and the Pauper. The plot involved two young boys, who were approximately the same age and were almost identical in appearance. One boy was the son of a King while the other was the son of a pauper.

The ... Read More »

Men Need Saint Joseph

Posted by Fr Peter Cipriani on 3/19/18

Joseph was the perfect father: “the luminous, discreet image of the heavenly Father’s care…” He could have been withdrawn and disengaged toward the unique child born of that unique woman in the most unique of all ways: by the overshadowing power of the Holy Spirit. He was being thrust ... Read More »

Artist and Musician Tribute

Posted by Fr Peter Cipriani on 3/15/18

In today’s first reading King Cyrus boasts of rebuilding the ruined Temple of the Lord.

More than a building made of the finest gold, gems and stone...there is no greater, no more sacred Temple than us. As Saint Paul insists: 19Do you not know that your body is a ... Read More »

Anger of Jesus

Posted by Fr Peter Cipriani on 3/06/18

Anger of Jesus

Projecting human feelings onto God is problematic. God is unchanging in that He is perfectly happy in His eternal condition.  The nature of God is not determined by the conditions of the world, rather the Condition of God determines the nature of the universe and all ... Read More »


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