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A Special Thank You

Jan 14, 2020

Hopefully you have noticed our wonderfully comfortable new kneelers. With the greater hope that with them in place…there will be more people to pray and for longer periods of time.

With great gratitude and appreciation, on behalf of myself and the entire parish, I want to thank the Giordano Family whose tremendous generosity and continued love of this parish made possible the completion of this very needed project. Thank you Tom and Chris!

If anyone has thought of or is thinking about a specific contribution toward a needed project or would like to propose one to contribute toward, please call the Rectory. Happy kneeling and happy praying everyone!


On behalf of myself, Father Flynn and the Staff here at Our Lady of the Assumption Parish, thank you immensely for another wonderful year of support, prayers and service that makes our Parish more than a community and more so a family. From all of us, we wish you and pray for you and your families and friends a New Year filled with great peace, faith, hope, healing and joy!


Fr. Peter


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