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Christmas Wafer

Once again our parish family is extending to you the oppor-tunity to obtain the traditional Eastern European Christmas wafer: the “oplatek.” The oplatek is a thin wafer made of flour and water. In composition, it is identical to the Host used during Mass. The wafers are embossed with religious images and are usually broken during the traditional Christ-mas Eve supper known as Vigilia (Vigil). The breaking of the bread is a sign of charity, unity, and friendship. The tra-dition on how to distribute the oplatki is explained in the package. The wafers will be available on the table in the vestibule during the weekends of December 14/15 & December 21/22 (while supplies last). The suggested offering is $2 per pack-age, your offering can be put in the lock box located on the wall. You may also come to the parish office to purchase the oplatek.